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dahan institute of massage studies closes business - student info

Benefits Include: Las Vegas Massage Service is NOT Dahan School of Massage or a student massage clinic or school, or discounted student massage. Unfortunately we cannot help you with issues concerning Dahan other than what is listed on this information page. Please check w/ Pima or Post Secondary Education for any assistance.
* Details & Phone Number For Pima Student Massage School Below.

If you were a student of Dahan Massage School, we recommend that you contact Nevada State Of Post Secondary Education, (702) 486-7330, 1820 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104 to arrange placement, if you used a student loan at Dahan. If you used any other form of payment we have been told it is a court based issue for you to retrieve any and all losses you sadly incurred.

In the past we have personally recommend Dahan Institute of Massage Studies for a LMT school for many many years and are hopefull none of our referrals were amongst the parties involved in this major and unfortunate issue, but still sad it has effected such a large number of people who put their trust in Dahan's now closed schools.

Be patient students & know that Serge's karma will catch up with him and his action's of accepting new students and selling student massage stress relief card's at 100.00 each until the very last day to the public, all while knowing since 02/03 that he would be closing the doors for good. We were personally informed of this after the doors were closed and talking with the kind and helpful Nevada State Of Post Secondary Education, and Pima Staff (consisting of many of Dahans EX employees). Unfortunately, word has it that he is considering moving to Canada to open Canadian massage schools that would not be effected by USA laws and regulations.He and whatever may remain of his staff refuse to return phone calls and letters left at the recently closed school. There are hundreds of locals including seniors and disabled, with student massage cards who are not being reimbursed for payments made and it is a small claims issue with the court system now to attempt to receive any refunds. I also very sincerely hope Amber 'the awesome blind student' who was working so hard at achieving her dreams, who said "massage is the one thing in life that made her feel good about herself and what she could offer the community", was able to graduate before they abruptly closed the doors.

I still cannot possibly see why that Serge would not finish out the current class before quitting, and put up a notice of closing, especially in a healing art trade such as massage therapy. Money can't buy your inner happiness and joy, and material is very temporary and limited.

Special thanks to Pima Medical Institute and Post Secondary Education for coming to the students rescue. Pima Medical Institute took on all of the students that borrowed money with student loans who were locked out at Dahan at absolutely no cost! The rest of the students lost almost everything unfortunately except a tough lesson in trust and the opportunity to meet friends of like minds. Please help to show your support to them and their unconditional giving. Benefits Include: Las Vegas Massage Service is NOT a student clinic and we cannot help you with issues concerning Dahan, or discounted student massage unfortunately. Please check w/ Pima or Post Secondary Education for any assistance.If you were one of the displaced students please breathe deeply and hang in there your in a profession than is filled with rewards and the challenging opportunities presented upon you will assist you in your growth. *Also any large events in the las vegas area in need of student massage therapists please contact them for their community outreach program.Pima Medical Institute
Pima Medical Institute
Las Vegas Campus
3333 E. Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Call Pima Toll-free: (888) 556-6046

Benefits Include:
Please call above phone # if looking for a student massage NOT!!!! Las Vegas Massage Service. Sincere Thanks


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