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las vegas massage services of nevada is there when you knead us. for trade shows, nascar, vacations, weddings, and all other great reasons to come to the entertainment capitol of the world!

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las vegas massage services supports associated bodywork and massage professionals code of ethics and insurance providers as #1 in the massage and bodywork industry


a few of our famous clients include john travolta, sandahl bergman, vicki lewis, jasmine guy





feel free to call las vegas massage services toll free visiting during trade show convention, golf tournament, nascar, comdex, or ces.

Where every customer is treated like a VIP, because you are one!

relax in the comfort of your hotel room in las vegas while receiving a professional style massagejust a few of our famous clients include

Bobbie Bensman
Carrot Top
Charolette D' Amboise
Chris Sharma
Fernando Vargas
Elena Ovchinnikova
Ernie & David Sabella
Farrah Destiny Franklin

Hank Williams
Hidetaka Suzuki
Jasmine Guy
John Travolta
Lucy Lu
Nana Visitor
Pamela Anderson
Roger Taylor
Sandahl Bergman
Shannon Mann
Shavo Odadjian
Shinichiro Jinto
Suzanne Harrer
Swami Tejomayananda
Vicki Lewis

as well as others that we have gladly honored their request to remain anonymous

cast members of

Beauty and the Beast
Blue Man Group
Cirque du Soleil
happy or sad we will make you glad! Call us now 888-472-1200
Crazy Girls
De La Guarda
Jesus Christ Superstar
Lion King
Phantom of the Opera
Saturday Night Fever
System of a Down

hopefully soon to be you?

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