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las vegas massage services of nevada is there when you knead us. for trade shows, nascar, vacations, weddings, and all other great reasons to come to the entertainment capitol of the world!

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las vegas offers an abundance of quality activities for both young and old alike most within 45 minutes of the city

























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fun things to do & activities in and around las vegas nevadalas vegas offers various scenic running trails for your cardio workouts

There actually is more to Las Vegas than the World Famous Strip and the Downtown Fremont Street Experience! Not to say they are anything less than an amazing vision crafted with artistic creativity and a seemingly unlimited budget co creating a magnificent dream into physical reality.



We have 11,918 ft Mt. Charleston, the highest peak in the Spring Mountain Range, which is an island of mountain habitat surrounded by a sea of low-elevation desert. A variety of alpine habitats can be found, including pinion-juniper, yellow-pine, white fir, and ancient bristlecone pine forests (oldest trees on earth one here known as Rain Tree dates to 3000 plus), and even tundra-like environments on the peaks. Excellent backcountry snowshoeing, snowboarding and skiing to numerous and scenic peaks also awaits you. For all of your up to date info on backcountry skiing and winter hiking conditions visit here Mt. Charleston Backcountry Snow Conditions.

Lake Mead NationalRecreation Area (NRA) offers a wealth of things to do and places to go year-round. Its huge lakes cater to boaters, swimmers, sunbathers, and fishermen while its desert rewards hikers, wildlife photographers, and roadside sightseers. Three of America's four desert ecosystems, the Mojave, hotsprings provide relaxing and healing waters for your mind / body benefits. the Great Basin, and the Sonoran Deserts, meet in Lake Mead NRA. As a result, this seemingly barren area contains a surprising variety of plants and animals, some of which may be found nowhere else in the world. Thanks to geothermal activity, the wild underside of our land, Nevada has been blessed with about three hundred hot springs. Historically, hot springs were far from overlooked. Native Americans and miners enjoyed them for swimming, bathing, even healing. Many today swear by hot mineral baths for relief from everything from gout to rheumatism. Some of our elaborate hot springs boast pools of up to 60' and over 6' deep. Tecopa Hot Springs is a great choice and only an about an hour from Las Vegas. An excellent choice to soak away your blues from challenging Lady Luck and her high odds!

Redrocks cleaver crack in redrock canyon near mt. wilsonmountains rise to a great colorful escarpment, formed along a fault zone with peaks over 8,000 feet, and including huge cliffs and ravines composed of bands of grey, white and red sandstone. Famous throughout the world to the rock climbing community with routes from easy, up to 5 13+. The wide south western plains beneath the hills are studded with Joshua trees and other desert plants, contributing to a most impressive spectacle. The sunsets are a photographers dream as are spectacular shots like this! Also be sure to check out the Hot Las Vegas Yoga Studios. Drop by and join us on a hike in las vegas while you are here on you visit!

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Try your luck with "LADY LUCK"

the lights of las vegas are just a small portion of what makes our city one of the most famous in the world!


Most activities are just 45 minutes or less from the comforts of your hotel room! Please enjoy your visit to our lovely city and we look forward to working on you during your stay in the entertainment capitol of the world and the brightest city on planet earth!
please love your mother earth

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To the individual thus enlightened it appears as a vivid and overwhelming certainty that the universe, precisely as it is at this moment, as a whole and in every one of its parts, is so completely right as to need no explanation or justification beyond what it simply is. Existence not only ceases to be a problem; the mind is so wonder-struck at the self-evident and self-sufficient fitness of things as they are, including what would ordinarily be thought the very worst, that it cannot find any word strong enough to express the perfection and beauty of the experience. Its clarity sometimes gives the sensation that the world has become transparent or luminous, and its simplicity the sensation that it is pervaded and ordered by a supreme intelligence. At the same time it is usual for the individual to feel that this whole world has become his own body, and that whatever he is has not only become, but always has been, what everything else is. It is not that he loses his identity to the point of feeling that he actually looks out through all other eyes, becoming literally omniscient, but rather that his individual consciousness and existence is a point of view temporarily adopted by something immeasurably greater than himself.
- Alan Watts, This is It

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