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relax in the comfort of your hotel room in las vegas while receiving a professional style massagecontraindications for massage

There are certain conditions that make Massage Therapy an inappropriate choice of treatment for certain individuals. Sometimes a condition is an absolute contraindication but more often than not, a skilled therapist can modify their treatment to accommodate the condition. It is very important to talk to your therapist before receiving a massage if you're suffering from any questionable ailments, abnormalities, or any of the following contraindications:

general contraindications

broken bone
varicose veins
tingling in any part of the body, especially hands or feet
seizure, severe asthmatic attack, acute pneumonia
kidney, respiratory or liver failure
diabetes with complications such as gangrene
high blood pressure
herniated disc
pregnancy with complications - i.e. diabetes, very high blood pressure
systemic contagious or infectious conditions
fever above 101 degrees F

rub the stress and tension right out of your body with a great massage in las vegaslocal contraindications

acute flare-up of rheumatoid arthritis
local contagious conditions
local irritable skin conditions
open wound or sore
phlebitis, phlebothrombosis or arthritis
recent burn
undiagnosed lump

please consult with your doctor if anything seems abnormal

First and foremost, massage is a method of sensory-motor training, rather than a procedure or treatment, as practiced in modern Western medicine. Massage generates a flow of both old and new sensory information. The beauty of massage is that nothing is added or removed. The massage therapist is not an interventionist in the classical sense, he or she acts more as a facilitator.

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