Sally Ann Mc Daniel


Hello,T R U T H

If anyone reading this has even the slightest notion of cheating on their partner, I highly discourage you following through with it. Either honestly put your heart and soul into creating balance in the relationship via communication or perhaps counseling, or give thanks for the time and gifts you shared with each other and walk away from it before its too late and someone is deeply hurt by selfish and dishonest actions.

Trust me.. nobody deserves the pain and suffering that will be forthcoming from those effects that I am experiencing now from selfish choices made. I forgive and hopefully will forget as much as possible when the universe deems it meant to be. I still ask: what did I do to manifest this opportunity and this type of person into my life, and how can I heal, learn and grow to be a better person from this powerful experience? What can I do to be a better communicator, listener, and learn to trust that my intuition does not lie? Will I really ever trust another person to allow them into that sacred space within my heart? The truth will be revealed in time I am sure.

O M  S H A N T I  S H A N T I  S H A N T I

To every person on this planet: I pray for this from the deepest part of my N A M A S T Ewhole being... "PLEASE PLEASE BE HONEST"

Namaste' shanti shanti shanti

*If you are looking to buy or sell real estate, Sally's Mc Daniel's can be reached by calling (702)326-8537 You will not be disappointed with her commitment to real estate work to find or sell property in Las Vegas Nevada region. She is currently employed by Dyson and Dyson Realtors and has listed and sold property from repo's by HUD to Million Dollar Mansions. I am sure she's happy to work with you and at the same time I pray she is honestly and earnestly working on her true self to be a better person. It is so strange to me how you can allow a person to be so close and be hurt so intensely yet you still deeply care for them and wish them the best life has to offer. The mystery's of the mind inner-connected with the heart will never be completely known by any scientist or researcher, but techniques to assist in the healing and forgiveness thankfully bless us at this point in our short time on earth.

B E L O V E D  F A T H E R  M O T H E R  G O D  M A Y  T H E  T R U T H  B E  R E V E A L E D  A N D  T H E  P A I N S  B E  H E A L E D
Image Courtesy of Artist Daniel B. Holeman